Anonymous: thanks for the clickable link tutorial! hug!!! 

you’re welcome lol.

so lazy to make themes… I haven’t had a theme out in a while but I will put up a new one soon hopefully :/

Anonymous: On theme 20, what are those letters in the title called that light up? I see alot of blogs with them and i think there so cool. 

kg luck of the irish. there is some complicated html to make them light up c:

questi0nn-auth0rity: this didnt work! 

what didn’t work?

insequre: For theme 10, when i put it on, the icons for message, heart, folder, star, and music are on the left. please answer to paintinqs(.)tumblr(.)com! PLEASE 

it’s probably just your computer.

n3ver-l0st: For theme 20, where did you get the background pic?

n3ver-l0st: I hope you can put theme 20 in 3 columns soon. Its Amazing! 

yeah I will soon! c:

unfixablehearts: I loooove the theme 20 but can you put it 3 coloumns? 

sure :)